My name is Reese and I'm a designer, programmer, and web developer. I'm pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Graphic Design, and Deaf Studies at the University of Minnesota.

My pronouns are they and them.


Snake Player

A version of snake where you can move at your own pace, undo moves, and export and play back save files. Use this to hone your strategy or just make pretty patterns.


A Javascript module which aims to be an easy way to handle numerous personal pronouns in English. It remains open-ended to allow for myriad use cases.

Android Messages Desktop

An Electron application that wraps the Android Messages web client, and has a tray icon and support for custom CSS.


A title bar for Javascript applications rendered with HTML/CSS. It has many options such as light/dark mode in macOS, Windows, and generic styles.


The configuration files I use to get my setup to look and behave how it does.

ACNH Color

Enter a color in hexadecimal format and it'll tell you how to get the closest color in the pattern designer in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The backend was created using Concrete5 and it was my job to keep it running smoothly and help staff with various parts of the site. Throughout my time here I wrote new components, refactored old code, and redesigned several things too.